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Lisa M. Sobry is a self-help author and leading voice on women and sexual abuse. She feels that education and treatment for women would be more impactful if there were a better understanding of trauma. She believes that including information from other survivors can help counselors understand how a victim’s mind works. Victims aren’t very willing to share their experiences. But Lisa M. Sobry is unique, and she has shared her stories of multiple abuses in several books to help other women like her. Sobry’s spiritual studies in Reiki, past life regression, and mediumship, as well as her life coaching, allow her to help her clients heal in a peaceful, safe environment that is organized and structured for success. Reiki is hands-on healing, but it also so much more. It allows a person to connect directly to the universal God source. This source is energy-filled with love, peace and healing powers. Past Life Regression allows her to take a client back in this lifetime or previous lifetimes to find out why phobias and insecurities were first created. It also allows clients to fill the space with love and release it. Mediumship allows her to connect with crossed-over loved ones and bring back messages of love. This allows clients to begin or further their grieving process. Life Coaching gives her the structure and organization needed to keep her and her clients on track throughout their healing process. Sobry finds this multi-disciplinary approach guides her in all the directions she needs to go to help her clients heal and find the peaceful existence they so desperately are searching for. As an abuse survivor, it took Sobry many years to find and develop her spirituality and begin healing. Once she did though, she became a successful author, motivational speaker, teacher, mentor and an empowered woman. It’s because of her life experience that Sobry has such a profound healing affect on those she comes into contact with.

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